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The Wrap


I don’t want to write about writing too much longer. Because why? The class is lame and the stories are unmentionable. Not one of them has stood out. I couldn’t imagine any of these things published anywhere. Every class is the same, i’m glad i skipped last week. While i played tennis with coworkers, i imagined Emo Kid unnecessarily talking with his hands and sticking out his chin like he’s just that smart. The big country girl next to him sneers and says “i put here” and looks at her paper and then gives her critique. Diff makes jokes, Greg gives his usual “Um…” speech about whatever story we read. Nathan goes way into too much detail about the shit story. Xavier stutters. The big girl throws bits of her life story into everything. Nightstalker lisps and drones. Pyle misunderstands the story. And there’s the professor, making his jokes and stopping Xavier from talking too long.

And me? I sit there and fume and manipulate my reflection in the window across the room, wondering how much of this i’ll bitch about in my next blog. But i wasn’t in class, i played tennis instead. I couldn’t imagine myself sitting there talking about shit i don’t care about and i’d be too distracted by this friend i got in a big fight with anyway. That’s what she gets for telling me i’m “too quiet”.

I almost skipped the week before that but i weighed my options. Sure i could go play tennis, it’s just another guest speaker in class. Another poet. But there’s free food at the reading, these really good wraps and sandwiches. So i went to listen to William Virgil Davis, if only for the free food. I’ll just say the food was the highlight of the evening.

This guy is the opposite of the poet last month. She was annoying in class but her poems were great. Davis was very interesting and well spoken in class but his poems were just bad. And i think he’s one of those laureates. Really? Anyone’s a laureate then. I’m a laureate, you’re a laureate. I’m a Lebowski, you’re a Lebowski. I can string random sentences together about cows and politics too. I really do kinda hate poetry. Or maybe it’s just the bad stuff. Poetry is easy enough, why write bad stuff?

I guess some people are actually enjoying this class. They have questions prepared for the poet when he comes in. I didn’t even read his poems. I really just came for the food. I was totally exhausted and why do i want to ask questions about something i don’t give a crap about? Complain complain complain, that’s all i do anymore. This was supposed to be a cool class.

On to the reading. I score a nice leather chair again after i fill my plate up with a yellow wrap and a sandwich with a pickle and chips. I have what i came for, i’m not sure why i stayed for the reading. I have other stuff to do, i have to drive this girl to Dallas the next day and i’m not even close to being ready.

We’re told at the reading that we’re part of a writing community now. I defer. Differ, whatever. I’m not a part of that boring pretentious crowd. I was already part of  a writing community. And guess what? We hardly ever talk about writing. We’re good friends, i don’t know if they know it or not. I always refer to them as my “writing friends” when i’m talking about them in real life.

The poet tells a joke or a quip or something and everyone laughs. That’s when i see Emo Kid sitting front row and he laughs robotically on cue, with his hands in his lap. Then he sits there paying attention to these awful poems. I really like the word “awful” lately, by the way. Something i noticed. When the female poet read last month, we applauded every poem. When this Virgil guy read, we didn’t applaud until the end. There’s a reason for that i think.

The wrap was delicious, totally worth the bad poems and awkward crowd. I’m not the type to get starstruck so i was unimpressed as usual. I sat on the phone with James Ellroy. I shook Dave Eggers’ hand. And those guys are my heroes.

Anyway, unless something spectacular happens in class, i’m not writing about it anymore. So say goodbye to Nightstalker and Diff. Forget about Xavier and Pyle. I’m gonna write about cooler stuff now. I did turn in a story though, so i’ll probably mention it once we discuss it in class.

Otherwise, only 2 more weeks until i get to eat more wraps.

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  1. 11/09/2010 11:50 pm

    yeah, but i was really enjoying the way you bitch about this class. couldn’t you just continue by bitching about writing and other things in general? most blogs are horrifying, they’re all about booty calls and twitter etc – i browsed. i like your thumbnails of people. you should keep going with it, or at least think about it. just the act of transcription is practice, you know…

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