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Everyone Needs a Muse


There  it is. I’m officially enrolled in Creative Writing and Publishing as well as Post-Civil War American Lit. I don’t like Brit Lit and Colonial Lit sounds like a total bore as well. I hate Shakespeare and i don’t know much about Dante. World Lit is probably a mess because most translated works i’ve read were bogged down with details and did not translate well. I’m looking at you, Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

What’s that? TWO English classes in one semester?? And both are on separate days but in the same classroom?? I know what you’re thinking and yes, i will be leaving random objects in the classroom on Mondays to see if they’re still there on Thursdays. Or maybe i’m insidiously ingratiating and integrating myself into Montgomery College’s  prestigious English department. No not that. The first thing though, yes. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Perhaps you’re wondering how i will write all those papers. Because English classes correlate with writing papers. Well, genius, if you’ll let me finish. Christ i hate typing sometimes. The creative writing class only requires that i turn in 3 stories before the end of semester and i have more than twice that to turn in, maybe even thrice that. I’m not going to write any new stories either because i’m not doing stories right now, i’m working on the novel. It’s hovering at around 8,000 words. It’s not much but if i can do that 9 or 10 more times, i have a novel. So anyway, the English classes will be okay i think.

I’m also ready for my next week vacation to Reno. Plane ticket is purchased, window seats and all. I’m going to see someone very important to me. I don’t want to say much because she might be reading this and i don’t want her to know my true feelings just yet. But she’s really important to me and one of the biggest reasons i’m writing today. You could call her my muse, i guess. Everyone needs one of those. She’s asked me what i want to do but i don’t really care what we do. I’m mostly just excited to see her, i haven’t seen her in over 7 years. That’s a pretty long time. Anyway, i know we’re spending a day in San Francisco so i want to go to Rogue’s Brewery. Maybe throw a pissjug or two at the Oakland occupiers. Yes, that’s a Trailer Park Boys reference. If you’ve never seen Trailer Park Boys then why are you reading this?

So that’s that. Also my partner in crime at work is quitting so now i’ll be left alone with these fools. It is not good. Now i’m just trying to remember all the stuff we wanted to do when one of us quits. Maybe wreck the toilet or something? IDK IDK.

I wanted to use this line today but it never came up so i’ll just use it out of context.

What are you, as dense as the fog i drove through this morning? Shit was deep. It was zero visibility, couldn’t even see 10 feet in front of me. I was about to pull out onto the highway this morning because i couldn’t see any cars coming but i had my windows down (because i am so smart. SMRT. I mean SMART) so i heard a car coming. It was dangerous and creepy.

I’m sore this morning and hungry so i’m gonna go pretend to work now.

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