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About The Stooge

This started as a venue to write about my creative writing class but that has long since ended. Now i write about regular (and irregular) shit that happens sometimes. Or i write about writing. Every so often i’ll toss up a recipe too because those are fun to write. Rarely i will offer some social commentary using my razor wit and subversive intellect.

This is always good practice for my writing, as i am somewhere on my way to doing it for a living. I don’t want to work the rest of my life, you see. A friend told me once that my writing is my ‘way out’, so i should stick with it. I have a few stories published if you look at the sidebar.

I write a blog as often as i can, once a week or more. I’ve been known to take breaks though. Like that 6 month break i took but that was because i had unsavory folks reading my blog for ammo to use against me. Hopefully i screened them out.

I don’t want to die without any enemies, you know?

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